Children One of the things I would like is to spread my line within Lensmoor, it is possible by having a child but having failed 20+ times, the disappointment is no less than the
first time I failed in this task. This time appeared different than the others, but I am not sure if it was just a message that changed, or if I just failed in another way, whichever the answer, I will just have to find yet another male dragon to help me out.
Suicidal While suicide notes are considered extremely distasteful, you have to commend this fellow on his creativity in suiciding, heh.
The Rocks of the Mountainside Hrm.. yes well, after a long and tedious battle of throwing spells around (I think it took a good thirty minutes to accomplish) the Rocks of the Mountainside lay shattered around me
For those of you who do not know who these rocks are, then let me explain, as the link will show the rocks of the mountainside is a mobile who is immune to just about all kinds of damage and spells, yet, through a fluke of nature I managed to deal damage and eventually kill it, leaving with its "leaves" as reward. for obvious reasons not a lot of people have one of these ;)
Spidercult Now, just what is wrong with this picture?
Xerossha beats Iria to a pulp Iria the nuisance wants me to expose a rather large bug to her and decides to mess around with the messages in my pet shop, safe to say I quickly grew weary of her.
Xerossha sells Iria's rear to the public Of course the following scene did not keep the immortals away, I had decided to cash in a bit of "compensation" for her lack of respect and behaviour within my shop, the "10 gold to kick Iria" was a great success amongst the mortals of Lensmoor..
Thanks to Sabrina and Wiltord for not obliterating me ;)

Wiltord.. if you manage to read this.. your jail is pretty boring..
(or was when I was there)
Y. M. C. A Immortals love to have fun
Celeste's Dragon slaying Demon Of course every mortal is not complete until they've pissed of one of the immortals.. In my case I decided to release one of Celestes prisoners.. and right in front of her too, safe to say she was definitely not pleased ;)
The Write Room? Game Mechanics revealed
The Edge of the world Lensmoor is not round?
Addition: Yes, lensmoor is round, but its a cylinder rather than a sphere ;)
I love the smell of napalm! (500k)
(above will compress if your browser supports it)
Zipped version!! (6k)
One of the largest spammers upon lensmoor..
Spell bombs containing fireballs were outlawed shortly after.
Marteau Marteau was the Leader of the Valkyries a long time ago, and is sorely missed
This image was her interpretation of herself.
Chancy Neverwinter nights is fun.. although creating an exact replica of Lensmoor can be a daunting experience.. However the rules of Neverwinter are not easy to change.
and so the project is on hold for now.
BOO!! Happy Halloween, I guess, I cant say its a day we celebrate in Denmark, but that shall not stop me from wishing other people a happy evening.