Hi there, here's some stuff about a Stormy Dragon. The name itself comes from a long history of roleplay and a deep seated fascination with dragons and tempestuous weather alike. It used to be more elaborate but as the means of communication changed from IRC to Skype, to Mumble, people tend to shorten your moniker down to just the essence of what you happen to have picked all those many years ago.

At present I am a Computer Science student at Aarhus University, I have finished my fourth year, that would be the first year of the masters, however I have burned out, I do not find myself enjoying the courses, I also worry about how I will continue. I have found work with a lovely little startup focusing on teaching kids to read better through a process that places emphasis on reading smaller well defined pieces and encouraging the student to read one or more of these bites whenever they are able. We also empower the teacher by providing them with the students reading statistics which can then help them see where the student is having issues, who needs help, who does not and then make better plans for the future.