On Wings of Tempest

What is a Weyr anyway?

A Weyr /ˈwɪər/ is a collection of dragons, their riders and support staff as imagined in Anne McCaffrey's world of Pern. A work that left an imprint on me during the early noughties with a science fiction of time travelling genetically engineered bug eyed scaley beasts that fights nasties raining from the sky every two thousand years.

Hi there, here's some stuff about a Stormy Dragon. The name itself comes from a long history of roleplay and a deep seated fascination with dragons and tempestuous weather alike. It used to be more elaborate but as the means of communication changed from IRC to Skype, to Mumble, then to Discord, people tend to shorten your moniker down to just the essence of what you happen to have picked all those many years ago.

I am a Computer Science bachelor out of Aarhus University. I work as a distributed systems architect building the backend system for a Danish E-book reader targeting reading in education. Granted, the title is of my own choosing but I am confidently expert in the design of microservice systems and architectures that require redundancy and clustering on a grand scale. Maintaining idempotency across the mesh for any given event.