Onwards and upwards

It is easy to stress in times of change, but remember always that as you shed the tattered remains of the old that you are stepping into new clothes. Embracing change is never easy, but as you grow in life change is inevitable.

I have taken the bold new steps forward into my new home, a fine apartment with plenty of new space into which to grow, it is certainly a step up from a dorm room that really should be no more than a sleeping spot. However being the creature of the internet that I ultimately am it was also the place where I spent most of my time. Moving to new digs is probably not going to change that fact, but with more space that I can call my own I am hoping to expand beyond my four walls into the space of the other rooms. My rooms. My kitchen. Responsibilities that I am inexperienced in handling. At last it is time to learn for real.

One bump on this road to perfection is the delay at which it takes a man with the very physical duty of bringing me the much needed internet. With an estimate as vague and long as three to four weeks, I fret for my mobile broadband limits which is an absurd 15~ish gigabytes of data; I mean, cute cuddly animal pictures, err.. dragons and other weirdness that I come across on my daily journies.

It is also time to address the fact that I have not been making several dozens of posts as I promised myself I would, truly a grave injustice. I am lazy as fuck. Projects stay thoughts and any desire to practice and grow quickly turn into a dozen more cute animal picture views and less to none practice. I am disappointed in these aspects of my personality that allow this to go on.


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